Remodeled House

This project began in November 2005 and we were asked to rebuild the front wall that holds up the arched brick window. This was specified by an engineer which means that this wall would be up long after the house is gone. In addition to the front wall, there were several other items we were asked to work on, including the basement, where we installed all new walls, heating, plumbing, electrical, and we had to make sure all of this tied in with the three-story addition. The three-story addition was also engineered, which meant extensive strapping and nailing schedules.

Some of the other touches we worked on included the installation of all new Pella windows to coordinate with the rest of the house, and replicating the details of the older house with the new construction so it would appear seamless. We also installed a new 50-year composition shingle roof. Once the structural work was done, we took care of the interior touches, too. New paint, newly refinished floors, new bathrooms, carpet, and a fully finished garage. The house was virtually brand new when we were done.

After all was complete, the owner of the home wanted us to build the "boat" house behind his home, which does house a small sailboat. It turned out quite cute.

Remodeled House Back
Three Story Addition
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