Stainless Steel Appliances
For much of the 2000s, stainless steel was a sign that one had ‘made it’ — It has a sleek, clean finish that is associated with modernity and it seems like anyone and everyone is going stainless these days. But could that be changing? There is a small group of homeowners and designers who have turned their back on the current trend and declare that colored appliances is the new thing to follow. This doesn’t mean that the brown appliances from the 60s, or the gold and green appliances from the 70s, or even the black appliances from the 80’s are back in style, but some argue that stainless steel should be out and color should be in. Whirlpool has recently launched its Ice Collection in which all of its popular stainless steel appliances now come in white. 

So why did stainless steel even get popular in the first place? Well, stainless steel earned its reputation by being “stainless’ and resistant to corrosion and bacteria. These are obviously great traits to have in the kitchen but stainless steel also shows hand prints, as any parent will attest to. Not to mention, stainless steel appliances can come with a hefty price tag. So, when considering which appliances to buy for your home, contact Windsor Construction. We can help you when considering which options will work best with your space design.


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