There are a number of ways for you to save money when painting the exterior of your home. Unfortunately, most of these are overlooked by or unknown to homeowners. If you have been thinking about an exterior paint job and have received estimates from painting contractors, it’s important to know how much money you can save by doing much of the work yourself. Depending on your own schedule, your materials and energy levels, here are some different things you can do to save money on your exterior paint job.

1. The prep work is the initial job you must do before the house can be painted. All of your patio furniture and other items around the exterior of your home need to be moved before you can paint. You must trim any kind of flora that may get in the way of painting as well. After the proper measures have been dealt with for moving and trimming items and materials, the house must be washed. It is not recommended to use a heavy pressure washer to do this. Instead, consider using a pressure washer with low pressure and a wide fan spray or a garden hose and spray nozzle.

2. Repairs and priming are also a necessary component to the overall painting process. Depending on your skills, it may be possible to handle repairing the woodwork yourself. Renailing siding on your home and fixing other parts that connect to the exterior, such as vents and trim, are necessary measures to take before painting. Scraping off old and loose paint is a labor-intensive part of your job, but also a necessary element to the process. All of these measures lead into priming any bare wood on your house with high-quality primer.

3. Caulking can seal small gaps and holes to provide a cleaner and smoother look in the paint. It prevents moisture from getting behind the paint and can block air leaks. Purchase or lease a caulking gun and several tubes of good-quality caulking to close up gaps.

4. Finalize the details with the contractor prior to doing the actual work. You will want to discuss all the details about what you’re comfortable doing and see if the contractor is all right with you doing that yourself. Set up a schedule that works well with your contractor’s schedule. Make sure your agreement is finalized in writing. This is essential for legal documentation.

Saving money where you can gives you more financial freedom for future home remodeling work. If you have interest in doing more than just an exterior paint job for your home, whether it is a bathroom remodel or deck installation, please contact Windsor Construction today.