Ideally, a bathroom is as elegant as it is practical. Therefore, the countertop that you choose for your bathroom must also reflect a degree of elegance and practicality. It should be durable, capable of withstanding the typical wear and tear expected of a surface that is constantly coming into contact with water, hot hairstyling tools, soap, and other hygiene products that could potentially cause damage. Which countertop is right for you?

1.     Though expensive, granite is arguably the most elegant option for your bathroom countertops. It is stain-resistant and can withstand the heat of a straightening iron, and need only be maintained (re-sealed) on a bi-annual or annual basis.  Granite also comes in a myriad of natural colors, and can therefore complement any design style.

2.     Quartz countertops are similar in appearance to granite countertops, and are also extremely resistant to stains and scratches. Quartz can be manufactured to resemble granite, but it also comes in more solid colors, which could be appealing to those who prefer a more contemporary look. Aside from its appearance, a selling point for quartz is that it requires no maintenance.

3.     For homeowners in search of a way to incorporate more of their personal character into their bathroom design, tile may be a good option. Tile allows for more flexibility in terms of individual expression and style, as varying tile sizes can be chosen and mosaics can be designed. The use of tile for your bathroom countertop carries only one caveat, which is that grout requires a high level of maintenance in comparison to other option and must be cleaned regularly to prevent the build-up of dirt and grime.

4.     Solid-surface laminate countertops, better known by brand names such as Formica or Wilsonart, are cost-effective alternatives to materials such as granite, quartz, and tile. These countertops are low-maintenance and easy to clean but far less durable than their aforementioned counterparts, susceptible to scratches, stains, and heat burns.

At Windsor Construction, we strive to design and bring to fruition bathroom remodels that are luxurious and highly functional. If you would like help deciding which countertop is best suited for your needs, please contact us today.


Your bathroom is often one of the most-visited parts of your home whether you like it or not. Whether it's a downstairs bathroom or your master bathroom, adding flavor to a restroom can add a fresh and inviting look. You're probably thinking, "Remodeling my bathroom to give it a fresh look is most likely out of my budget range and too expensive. I have more important things to spend money on for my home." We're here to say that the advice we're about to offer you is best and cheapest alternative to make your bathroom look great. Here are some cheap and easy ways to give your bathroom a whole new look:

1. Shower Curtains serve the important purpose of preventing water from getting on your bathroom tile or floor. While it is true that shower curtains have to be replaced seasonally due to mildew and bacteria build-up, they are cheap and easy to replace. In that, shower curtains can be used add a substantial amount of color and personality to your bathroom. They come in a variety of colors that can be used to match other aspects of your bathroom.

2. Space Savers can serve a dual-purpose for your restroom: great storage option and display area for bathroom decor. They come in a variety of different styles and colors, making it easy to match both the style and color of your home and bathroom. You can display candles and decorations on the space saver while storing towels and bathroom necessities in an easy-to-access and visually pleasing location. They offer a quality addition to your bathroom and save a lot of space.

3. Bath Rugs offer more than one purpose as well. While they add a nice and comfortable way to remove water and dirt from your feet post-cleanse, they come in a variety of different styles and colors to match other bathroom accessories and decor. They need to be replaced seasonally if used often, but they are cheap and easy to replace.

Adding some accents to your bathroom is easy to do and cost-efficient. Most of all, it can be fun! If you are interested in a complete bathroom remodel to give yourself the proper starting point to produce the bathroom of your dreams, please give Windsor Construction a call or email us.