Picture of Baby's Bedroom, White and Silver Walls
Interested in breathing a little life into your remodel, but not sure how? Whether you prefer a subtle look or a loud one, there are a number of ways that you can spice up your new room.

1.     Paint all the walls one color, but paint a bold pattern using contrasting white paint into one wall. Chevron stripes, polka dots, pin stripes, animal prints – whatever strikes your fancy.

Picture of Baby's Bedroom, Pink Walls
2.     Another option is to paint each wall in the room with two shades of the same color, dividing them with either a horizontal line or a fun, freestyle drawn line.

Picture of yellow bathroom walls
3.     Leaving other walls a neutral color such as white, eggshell, or beige, add a little excitement by painting a vibrant color on a single wall.

Picture of Kitchen with blue walls
4.     If you’d like subtle detail, choose any color that appeals to you and purchase it in both matte and hi-gloss. Paint the walls in the matte color, and use the hi-gloss to stencil splashes of pattern throughout the room as you see fit.

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