Guest Room in Attic
Do you feel that your attic space is being wasted? We have five ideas that may inspire you to clean out those cobwebs and turn your attic into a cozy and functional room!

1.    Turn it into a guest room. Whether you prefer an atmosphere that is contemporary or rustic, it never hurts to have a spare bedroom for friends and family! 

Private Flat in Attic

Create a complete living space. If your attic is large enough, convert it into a private flat for your parents or in-laws. You can even use the space to generate extra income by renting it out!

Attic Playroom

Build a playroom for the kids. An attic is a fantastic place to let your children’s imaginations run wild! With a little bit of creativity, you can transform your attic into a fun and exciting room for your kiddos to retreat to when they want to play.

Attic Man Cave

Fashion the attic into a man cave. What man doesn’t love a space of his own to sneak away to? Furnish a finished attic with a comfortable couch, recliner, pool table, flat screen, and mini bar to create an adult paradise you’ll never want to leave.

Private Office in Attic

Design a private office.  Your attic can easily be remodeled into a quiet office. Removed from the rest of the house, the attic is a great location for a peaceful study or work space. To maximize the room’s available space, consider building a custom built-in desk.

In recent years, many clever space-saving ideas have been shared with the populous, thanks to websites like Pinterest that allow web users to save and share images or project ideas that inspire them. One such concept that has been trending lately is the closet desk: a brilliant renovation option that eliminates academic clutter and is perfectly suited for any child or teenager’s bedroom.

The closet desk is a customized desk space that fits easily into your bedroom closet, while clothes are folded into a dresser or hung in a wardrobe. This creates space for the perfect alternative to squeezing a study space into a smaller room, but it’s also an excellent solution for those who keep a messy desk space that they would like to discretely tuck away.