pocket doors add interest to your space
If you are running low on square footage or if you just like a clean presentation for your room's entrance, consider pocket doors! Cherished for their functionality, pocket doors can also add architectural interest to your home. Check out the doors above that we installed for a client. Instead of plain wood doors, we opted for doors with windows to maintain an open feeling, even when the doors are pulled into the closed position.

Why else might someone want to install pocket doors in their home? In addition to their good looks, pocket doors are also handy for bathrooms used by people in wheelchairs or who use walkers. If accessibility is of concern, ask us about the options available for your space.

Questions about how to install pocket doors? Be sure to contact us - we can help!
Sometimes you just don't know how the details of a remodel will unfold. Such was the case for a house we worked on, remodeling the bedroom wing excluding the master bedroom. Our main objective was to gut two large bedrooms and the kid's bathroom and then put in a laundry room and bedroom in one area and rework the other bedroom. To accomplish that which was set before us, we did the following:
  1. Removed all the paneling and saved it for the hallway.
  2. Stripped paint*, sanded, and finished the paneling that went into the hallway.
  3. Installed clear fir cabinetry into the laundry with a full-length counter over the washer and dryer. We even included big fir bins for dirty clothes, a nice laundry sink, and fir upper cabinets.
  4. In the bathroom the kids got a new tub, tile surfaces and a heated floor in front of the vanity.
  5. Insulated both bedrooms to the max since there was no wall insulation and we blew in ceiling insulation.
  6. Replaced all bedroom doors with Rogue Valley fir doors which were fit and finished onsite. This kept the doors from harm during transportation.
  7. Installed new carpet in the bedrooms with slate tile extended in key areas to tie in with the rest of the house.
  8. Changed out the glass in the windows from single pane to insulated glass.
  9. Painted all the rooms, even allowing the kids to pick out their own colors.

*No lead was involved because of the age of the paint. We went this route because the owner liked the wood paneling we did earlier and wanted to extend the look in the house. With a lot of effort the end result was gorgeous.

Not all contractors are created equally and at Windsor Construction we pride ourselves on the attention to detail and craftsmanship that comes with the nature of our work. Check out our gallery and see for yourself!