Picture of Baby's Bedroom, White and Silver Walls
Interested in breathing a little life into your remodel, but not sure how? Whether you prefer a subtle look or a loud one, there are a number of ways that you can spice up your new room.

1.     Paint all the walls one color, but paint a bold pattern using contrasting white paint into one wall. Chevron stripes, polka dots, pin stripes, animal prints – whatever strikes your fancy.

Picture of Baby's Bedroom, Pink Walls
2.     Another option is to paint each wall in the room with two shades of the same color, dividing them with either a horizontal line or a fun, freestyle drawn line.

Picture of yellow bathroom walls
3.     Leaving other walls a neutral color such as white, eggshell, or beige, add a little excitement by painting a vibrant color on a single wall.

Picture of Kitchen with blue walls
4.     If you’d like subtle detail, choose any color that appeals to you and purchase it in both matte and hi-gloss. Paint the walls in the matte color, and use the hi-gloss to stencil splashes of pattern throughout the room as you see fit.

Picture of Limestone Countertop
One of the most popular stones for the countertop is limestone. But should it be? The answer is that it depends on where you’re installing it. Limestone is a stunning but sensitive stone whose pros are met with a few cons. Is limestone right for your remodel? Read the following to find out.

Pro: Limestone is sophisticated and popular and can therefore dramatically increase your home’s value. It is also versatile, and can look great in either your kitchen or your bathroom.

Con: In comparison to granite countertops, limestone is less durable. It is more susceptible to superficial scarring than granite or marble, which could be a deal breaker for homeowners who expect their countertop to endure heavy wear.

Pro: Limestone is a sedimentary rock formed over time from shells and fossils that have been compacted by pressure.

Con:  Limestone is extremely sensitive to acids; even just a drop of lemonade could etch the surface of this precious stone if it isn’t properly sealed.

Pro: This rock comes in a variety of different colors that suit every style of home.

Con: Though limestone is initially cheaper than granite, it may be more expensive to maintain, which is something to take into consideration.

Pro: Limestone can be made to suit any room. Softer stones can be used in bathrooms and around fireplaces, and harder stones are much like granite and can be used in the kitchen.

When selecting limestone for your home, the most important consideration is that you choose the right variety for the functionality of your countertop. Also, be sure to take good care of your countertop; when sealed, maintained, and cleaned properly limestone is a great alternative to granite.

Guest Room in Attic
Do you feel that your attic space is being wasted? We have five ideas that may inspire you to clean out those cobwebs and turn your attic into a cozy and functional room!

1.    Turn it into a guest room. Whether you prefer an atmosphere that is contemporary or rustic, it never hurts to have a spare bedroom for friends and family! 

Private Flat in Attic

Create a complete living space. If your attic is large enough, convert it into a private flat for your parents or in-laws. You can even use the space to generate extra income by renting it out!

Attic Playroom

Build a playroom for the kids. An attic is a fantastic place to let your children’s imaginations run wild! With a little bit of creativity, you can transform your attic into a fun and exciting room for your kiddos to retreat to when they want to play.

Attic Man Cave

Fashion the attic into a man cave. What man doesn’t love a space of his own to sneak away to? Furnish a finished attic with a comfortable couch, recliner, pool table, flat screen, and mini bar to create an adult paradise you’ll never want to leave.

Private Office in Attic

Design a private office.  Your attic can easily be remodeled into a quiet office. Removed from the rest of the house, the attic is a great location for a peaceful study or work space. To maximize the room’s available space, consider building a custom built-in desk.

In recent years, many clever space-saving ideas have been shared with the populous, thanks to websites like Pinterest that allow web users to save and share images or project ideas that inspire them. One such concept that has been trending lately is the closet desk: a brilliant renovation option that eliminates academic clutter and is perfectly suited for any child or teenager’s bedroom.

The closet desk is a customized desk space that fits easily into your bedroom closet, while clothes are folded into a dresser or hung in a wardrobe. This creates space for the perfect alternative to squeezing a study space into a smaller room, but it’s also an excellent solution for those who keep a messy desk space that they would like to discretely tuck away.

There are a number of ways for you to save money when painting the exterior of your home. Unfortunately, most of these are overlooked by or unknown to homeowners. If you have been thinking about an exterior paint job and have received estimates from painting contractors, it’s important to know how much money you can save by doing much of the work yourself. Depending on your own schedule, your materials and energy levels, here are some different things you can do to save money on your exterior paint job.

1. The prep work is the initial job you must do before the house can be painted. All of your patio furniture and other items around the exterior of your home need to be moved before you can paint. You must trim any kind of flora that may get in the way of painting as well. After the proper measures have been dealt with for moving and trimming items and materials, the house must be washed. It is not recommended to use a heavy pressure washer to do this. Instead, consider using a pressure washer with low pressure and a wide fan spray or a garden hose and spray nozzle.

2. Repairs and priming are also a necessary component to the overall painting process. Depending on your skills, it may be possible to handle repairing the woodwork yourself. Renailing siding on your home and fixing other parts that connect to the exterior, such as vents and trim, are necessary measures to take before painting. Scraping off old and loose paint is a labor-intensive part of your job, but also a necessary element to the process. All of these measures lead into priming any bare wood on your house with high-quality primer.

3. Caulking can seal small gaps and holes to provide a cleaner and smoother look in the paint. It prevents moisture from getting behind the paint and can block air leaks. Purchase or lease a caulking gun and several tubes of good-quality caulking to close up gaps.

4. Finalize the details with the contractor prior to doing the actual work. You will want to discuss all the details about what you’re comfortable doing and see if the contractor is all right with you doing that yourself. Set up a schedule that works well with your contractor’s schedule. Make sure your agreement is finalized in writing. This is essential for legal documentation.

Saving money where you can gives you more financial freedom for future home remodeling work. If you have interest in doing more than just an exterior paint job for your home, whether it is a bathroom remodel or deck installation, please contact Windsor Construction today. 

Ideally, a bathroom is as elegant as it is practical. Therefore, the countertop that you choose for your bathroom must also reflect a degree of elegance and practicality. It should be durable, capable of withstanding the typical wear and tear expected of a surface that is constantly coming into contact with water, hot hairstyling tools, soap, and other hygiene products that could potentially cause damage. Which countertop is right for you?

1.     Though expensive, granite is arguably the most elegant option for your bathroom countertops. It is stain-resistant and can withstand the heat of a straightening iron, and need only be maintained (re-sealed) on a bi-annual or annual basis.  Granite also comes in a myriad of natural colors, and can therefore complement any design style.

2.     Quartz countertops are similar in appearance to granite countertops, and are also extremely resistant to stains and scratches. Quartz can be manufactured to resemble granite, but it also comes in more solid colors, which could be appealing to those who prefer a more contemporary look. Aside from its appearance, a selling point for quartz is that it requires no maintenance.

3.     For homeowners in search of a way to incorporate more of their personal character into their bathroom design, tile may be a good option. Tile allows for more flexibility in terms of individual expression and style, as varying tile sizes can be chosen and mosaics can be designed. The use of tile for your bathroom countertop carries only one caveat, which is that grout requires a high level of maintenance in comparison to other option and must be cleaned regularly to prevent the build-up of dirt and grime.

4.     Solid-surface laminate countertops, better known by brand names such as Formica or Wilsonart, are cost-effective alternatives to materials such as granite, quartz, and tile. These countertops are low-maintenance and easy to clean but far less durable than their aforementioned counterparts, susceptible to scratches, stains, and heat burns.

At Windsor Construction, we strive to design and bring to fruition bathroom remodels that are luxurious and highly functional. If you would like help deciding which countertop is best suited for your needs, please contact us today.


While most may agree that appliances are necessary components to every kitchen, it’s no secret that they swallow up valuable counter space. Your mixers and blenders are meant to be functional tools and not decorative statements! Still, some of us wind up with nowhere else to store our appliances other than the kitchen counter. Fortunately, there are creative kitchen storage options that can increase the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen while also clearing your counter-tops of clutter. Here are a few examples:

·      For your mixerBuild a pull out tray that lifts up and out of a cupboard. Secure the mixing stand to the tray and install a locking system that will hold your mixer steady while it’s in use. When you’re finished with it, simply unlock and lower the tray and mixer to its original position.  


·      For your toaster, blender, and coffee makerInstall a special cabinet that is flush with your countertop. There are a number of different cabinet door styles designed for camouflaging breakfast appliances that can lift or slide open. As you can see here, this is a very easy-to-use, special cabinet that allows easy access to kitchen utensils and food. Consider using this for your next kitchen addition. 


·      For your trash compactor or dishwasherMuch like the cabinet that disguises your other appliances, the drawer-hinge cabinet is a popular choice for hiding your trash and recycling bins from the public eye. 

For help with the design and installation of kitchen storage solutions that save space by tucking away your appliances and other eyesores like your dishwasher or trash bins, contact Windsor construction
Your bathroom is often one of the most-visited parts of your home whether you like it or not. Whether it's a downstairs bathroom or your master bathroom, adding flavor to a restroom can add a fresh and inviting look. You're probably thinking, "Remodeling my bathroom to give it a fresh look is most likely out of my budget range and too expensive. I have more important things to spend money on for my home." We're here to say that the advice we're about to offer you is best and cheapest alternative to make your bathroom look great. Here are some cheap and easy ways to give your bathroom a whole new look:

1. Shower Curtains serve the important purpose of preventing water from getting on your bathroom tile or floor. While it is true that shower curtains have to be replaced seasonally due to mildew and bacteria build-up, they are cheap and easy to replace. In that, shower curtains can be used add a substantial amount of color and personality to your bathroom. They come in a variety of colors that can be used to match other aspects of your bathroom.

2. Space Savers can serve a dual-purpose for your restroom: great storage option and display area for bathroom decor. They come in a variety of different styles and colors, making it easy to match both the style and color of your home and bathroom. You can display candles and decorations on the space saver while storing towels and bathroom necessities in an easy-to-access and visually pleasing location. They offer a quality addition to your bathroom and save a lot of space.

3. Bath Rugs offer more than one purpose as well. While they add a nice and comfortable way to remove water and dirt from your feet post-cleanse, they come in a variety of different styles and colors to match other bathroom accessories and decor. They need to be replaced seasonally if used often, but they are cheap and easy to replace.

Adding some accents to your bathroom is easy to do and cost-efficient. Most of all, it can be fun! If you are interested in a complete bathroom remodel to give yourself the proper starting point to produce the bathroom of your dreams, please give Windsor Construction a call or email us.

Scandinavian home design made its debut in the United States in the 1950s after a design show that traveled the U.S. and Canada acquainted Americans with the Scandinavian style of living. The style quickly rose in popularity and is back again -- this time with a contemporary twist that will make you swoon!

Perhaps the most widely recognized characteristic of Scandinavian design is its white simplicity. When it comes to a traditional Scandinavian kitchen, nearly everything is white. Additionally, this style of kitchen boasts clean lines, simple shapes, and just a little warmth.

How are families breathing life into the Scandinavian style these days? Butcher-block countertops and contrasting black and white finishes lend warmth and a modern touch to a Scandinavian kitchen, once an outdated style. If you'd like to have a little more fun with your home, consider adding simple, yet bright accessories that ‘pop’ for the viewer. Cherry red and navy blue appear to be especially popular at the moment. Remember that one of the benefits of the Scandinavian kitchen design is that it acts as a blank canvas, artfully catering to any accent color you choose!

We will gladly help you to design your dream kitchen by integrating this design style with your personal preference. If you find yourself intrigued by this modern take on the sleek and simplistic Scandinavian kitchen style, please contact us!

Stainless Steel Appliances
For much of the 2000s, stainless steel was a sign that one had ‘made it’ — It has a sleek, clean finish that is associated with modernity and it seems like anyone and everyone is going stainless these days. But could that be changing? There is a small group of homeowners and designers who have turned their back on the current trend and declare that colored appliances is the new thing to follow. This doesn’t mean that the brown appliances from the 60s, or the gold and green appliances from the 70s, or even the black appliances from the 80’s are back in style, but some argue that stainless steel should be out and color should be in. Whirlpool has recently launched its Ice Collection in which all of its popular stainless steel appliances now come in white. 

So why did stainless steel even get popular in the first place? Well, stainless steel earned its reputation by being “stainless’ and resistant to corrosion and bacteria. These are obviously great traits to have in the kitchen but stainless steel also shows hand prints, as any parent will attest to. Not to mention, stainless steel appliances can come with a hefty price tag. So, when considering which appliances to buy for your home, contact Windsor Construction. We can help you when considering which options will work best with your space design.